P.M.K., HP5+ and jobo

par igorkarenin

I had previously given a few indications about Tri-X 400 development in this beautiful film developer called PMK (pyro).

What I wrote there is true too for HP5+, except for the development times that are a bit shorter for HP5+ : 8 minutes at 27°C instead of 10 minutes. I tend to do 9 minutes at about 25 or 26°C.

The good thing is that these development times don’t change when developing in a JOBO or other rotary development machine. So following the JOBO instructions, half of the chemistry is necessary for develoment, i.e. 1200 ml of chemistry for developing 12 film rolls (120) as you can put 2 120 films on one spool.

If this can help anyone.