t-max in t-max

par igorkarenin

There are 2 T-max films out there : 100 and 400 ASA. There also is a T-max developper. One would expect both to go together like a husband and a spouse, in peace and perfect harmony and without surprises.

How surprised I was to see many different development times for the 400 ASA film and T-max developper.

I did 3 developments, increasing time and agitation starting at 6 minutes at 22°C normal agitation (turn tank twice every 30 seconds) ; and ended with 7 minutes at 24°C, shaking the tank for 8 to 10 secondes every 30 seconds.

My simple conclusion is: it is difficult to agitate too much and don’t mind developping longer than the documentation says.

(of course, this is also a question of exposure).