Tri-x exposed at 100 asa…

par igorkarenin


Exposing tri-x 400 at 100 asa is not something one would normally do. I do often expose this film at 200 asa so when my lightmeter is out of balance, it happens that… I expose at 100 asa.

P.M.K.  helps a lot here.

Here’s a solution leading to most beautiful negatives :

  1. Develop the film in P.M.K. at 26°C for 9 minutes
  2. stopbath and fixing as normal
  3. Put the film back into the used P.M.K. for 2 minutes whilst stiring every 30 seconds
  4. Wash for 30 minutes under continuous running water. Washing increased the staining effect.

Say « thanks » to Gordon.