expired Rodinal

par igorkarenin

Yes, Rodinal too has an expiration date. It is written on the packaging. That was easy – the rest is easy too. (« jusqu’ici tout va bien » – google this sentence)

When you open the bottle of Rodinal even long time before the expiration date, it will not stay good until the expiration date. Some time after opening the bootle, you’ll find crystals in the bottom of the bottle. After the first crystal appear, use this developer within some 2 months. After that it diminishes.

Alternatively, but the One-shot bottles. Tiny, practical…

Alternatively, if you don’t want your developer to expire, use PMK developer (buy it here : http://labo-argentique.com/pmk-liquide-250-ml-a-500-ml-b.html – explanations are in French, I would be happy to assist in translation, Aurelien Le Duc is doing a great job !). HC-110 also doesn’t expire before the end of WW IV.

Alternatively, and since Rodinal, PMK and HC-110 are absolutely poison, there are some other developers that are good and less dangerous, but I’m not really into fish anyway so I use Rodinal, PMK and HC-110 – żart).

Back to rodinal : no surprise with Tri-X 400 (quick enlargement – nothing final – the negative is great though) :